Residential Security Systems

residential_security_homeAt Intelli-Tec Security Services, we provide state of the art security alarm systems for residential properties. We offer the most advanced security systems so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home and its inhabitants are always safeguarded.

With an alarm system in place, the chances of a burglary attempt being successful are greatly reduced. Our goal is to ensure your home is protected in any eventuality by providing advanced security systems that integrate seamlessly with our monitoring services. Whether you are looking for digital home alarm systems or wireless and hard wired systems, you can expect the highest quality equipment available.

Intelli-Tec is committed to providing premier security solutions that are customized to work for the home of each customer. We ensure a perfect match of your security system with the layout of your home for the most optimal results. As one of the leading security companies serving New York, NY, Suffolk County, NY, Nassau County, NY, Long Island, NY, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations with quality products and superior customer service. We can provide you with a customized quote so you can have your new system installed as soon as possible.

With Total Connect, you can manage your security remotely from any location just by using your smartphone.


If you have ever wondered how it could be possible to be in more than one place at a time, Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services offers the perfect solution. Now you can receive immediate access to live video and important alerts while staying connected to your home. It is easier than ever to control and manage your security system from anywhere using the same mobile phone you use every day, at any time, and from any location. Intelli-Tec is pleased to make this option available to all of our customers.


Total Connect Honeywell Security System:

  • View live video, text messages, event notifications, and images using compatible smart phones
  • Check on your household remotely
  • Specify exactly which events you want to receive alerts about in real time
  • Customize your recording settings based on video motion detection, security events, or schedules.
  • Cover many different angles within a room or move cameras around based on your requirements
  • Record and store video clips, take pictures, and have them emailed to you.
  • View every camera on one screen at the same or separately, pan and tilt, selectively stream video.
  • View and manage multiple locations over a secured network using just one login.

Total Connect has a remote keypad that works exactly like a standard security system keypad. It allows you to operate and access your system remotely at any time and from any location in the world when using a compatible device.

Your Home

residential_security_familyConnect in with all systems in your home easily and find out if a door has been opened, a flood has been detected, or a valuable item has been moved. Total Connect can let you know all of this and more. The only thing needed is a cell phone or laptop in order to stay in full control.

Your Family

From checking in on the babysitter to checking on your grandparents at home, you can stay connected with your family at all times. Total Connect provides you with peace of mind directly in the palm of your hand.

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