1. Remember to lock all doors and windows when you leave the home.
2. Keep all valuable items out of sight.
3. Install proper lighting around your home to keep it well lit at night.
4. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and get to know them. Also, take the initiative to start a Neighborhood Watch group.
5. When you are out of town, do not lure burglars with stacks of newspapers and an overflowing mailbox. Either have a trusted neighbor pick them up daily or have the post office and news carrier hold them for you.
6. Set timers for lights and a television so it appears that someone is home while you are traveling.
7. Do not hide spare keys in obvious places such as: under doormats, in the mailbox, etc.
8. Install a peephole in your front door to make it possible to see who is there without having to open it.
9. Monitored alarm systems are effective at deterring burglars.
10. Do not give out your alarm code to just anyone. Only a family member or trusted friend should know the code in case of an emergency.


1. Smoke detectors that are monitored by our U.L. listed Central Monitoring Station are effective. Whether you are home or away, Intelli-Tec Security Company will always be looking out for you.
2. Check the batteries and test your smoke alarm monthly.
3. Have a planned escape route for your home with a safe meeting place.
4. Make sure that each room has an alternative escape route in case the first is inaccessible.
5. Hold practice drills regularly so the entire family is familiar with the procedure for safely exiting the house.
6. Do not overload electrical sockets. Unplug items when they are not in use.
7. Furnaces and heating systems should be cleaned on an annual basis.
8. Install a spark arrestor on your chimney to prevent sparks from starting a fire on your roof, nearby trees, etc. Also, cut back trees so they do not hang directly over the chimney.
9. In case of an actual fire situation, it is imperative that your address is easily seen by emergency vehicles.
For more information regarding fire safety, please visit the National Fire Protection Agency’s website at


1. Children should know their full name, address, and telephone number.
2. Teach children how to dial “911” in case of an emergency.
3. Make sure children always tell a parent, guardian, or another trusted adult where they are going.
4. Tell them to never go with or accept anything from a stranger. Also, teach them that a stranger is anyone that they or you do not know well or trust.
5. Let them know that it is okay to tell you or another trusted adult if they see anyone doing something they know is not right or makes them feel uncomfortable.
6. If your child stays home alone, make sure they know not to let anyone know that they are home alone and to keep all doors and windows closed and locked.
7. Prepare an emergency contact phone list. Make sure you include your work and/or cell phone number.
8. Prepare and practice a safe route to school.
9. Fingerprint your child and always have a recent photo of them.

Dead Bolts:

Since most burglaries occur through a door, a good deadbolt lock can frustrate a burglar. There are two major points to be made here:
1. Deadbolts are made out of metal. The weak point of the deadbolt is where the bolt protrudes into the doorframe. Generally the frame is wood. If this is the case, the average Joe can kick his way through the wood frame and defeat the bolt. You should install one solid piece of metal which starts one foot above the lock and continues one foot below. This will make it very difficult for the burglar to get through.
2. Inside the house, either a thumb lock or key can open the deadbolt. If using a key, you must leave the key in the lock at night when people are home. In the event of a fire, it’s important to be able to get out of that door. When smoke is present in a home, it’s almost impossible to see your hand in front of you! If the key can not be found, your chances of getting out are slim. As the fire burns it consumes the oxygen in your home. This can easily cause the occupants to become disoriented in very familiar surroundings. Finding a key becomes a difficult task!

Flood Lights:

Flood lights are an excellent deterrent. Imagine you’re the burglar and you’re approaching the house, when all of a sudden, the motion sensor of the floodlight detects you and the light kicks on! Enough said! Go to home depot and buy a motion-sensing floodlight. They work! Interior Lights: It’s a proven fact that a house that looks lived in is less likely to be burglarized. By leaving interior lights, stereo, or a television on, you give your home the advantage of looking lived in.

Fire Escape Plan:

As a security professional and firefighter, it distresses me to see how lackadaisical people are when it comes to fire. It saddens me to see death and destruction, where death and destruction could have been avoided. Another very important aspect of fire safety is having a fire escape plan with your family. This plan should be designed to show everyone how to stay low, feel the doors for heat before opening them, know two ways out, and to meet in a designated area. Deaths have occurred because someone went back into the structure looking for someone who was already out! Practicing your fire escape plan can, and will save lives! .

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